Phu Quoc – Pearl Island Paradise – Sunset Town – Fishing Challenge

4 Days


Visit Phu Quoc, the pearl island paradise of Vietnam, and enjoy its stunning beaches, natural attractions and cultural heritage. Swim at Sao Beach, bathe in Tranh Stream, have fun at VinWonders and Vinpearl Safari, and explore the local life and products. Book your tour now and experience the beauty and tranquility of Phu Quoc.


  • Swimming at Sao Beach located in the south of the island - a gentle beach, long and quiet sand, and pristine on the green island. Here you will really feel peaceful, relaxed, and as if life slows down when you blend in with nature.
  • Tranh Stream - visitors explore the lush nature of grass, flowers, and leaves, bathe in the stream and relax in the forest scent.
  • VinWonders and Vinpearl Safari are the largest modern entertainment complexes in the Southwest Vietnam region.
  • Explore famous landmarks and have the opportunity to shop for typical products of Phu Quoc.
  • Learn and immerse yourself in the life of the people on the “pearl” island.


Gather at the pickup point. The tour bus and tour guide will take the group to Noi Bai Airport for the flight to Phu Quoc.

Upon arrival in Phu Quoc, the tour guide will accompany the group to visit the following attractions:

- Dinh Cau: a cultural and religious symbol of Phu Quoc Island. It is a place where local fishermen pray for a safe and successful journey before heading out to sea. Afterwards, the group will visit Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau, a temple dedicated to the Goddess Kim Giao, who is highly respected by the people of Phu Quoc for her contributions to the island.

- Su Muon Pagoda (Hung Long Tu): a traditional-style pagoda situated on a mountain slope facing the sea, surrounded by lush greenery. Here, visitors can experience the serene and peaceful atmosphere, pray for harmony, and seek blessings for their families.

- Dong Tam Snake Farm 2: a research center and conservation facility for unique snake species on the island. Here, you will learn about various snake species, such as king cobras, pythons, and red-tailed green pit vipers. You can witness snake venom extraction demonstrations and have the opportunity to take pictures with tame pythons.

- Tranh stream: a cool and refreshing stream that meanders through the forest and rocks, creating a peaceful and harmonious landscape.

- In the afternoon, the group will visit Ham Ninh Fishing Village, an ancient fishing village where you can admire the breathtaking sunset on clear days and take memorable photos on the shimmering wooden bridge.

- After returning to the hotel, you are free to explore the "Pearl Island" at night.

- Overnight stay in Phu Quoc.

After having breakfast at the hotel, guests will board a cruise ship and try their hand at fishing, which is an exciting experience when guests personally catch fish such as Mullet or Snapper. This is also an opportunity to experience the diligent life of the people in the island.

South Island (from May to September): The group will go fishing and enjoy the beach at Bai Sao, a gentle beach with long, peaceful and pristine sandy shores, voted by CN Traveler as one of the top 10 most pristine beaches in the world. Besides swimming, tourists can participate in thrilling water activities such as Jet Skiing, towed banana boat, water motorcycles (additional cost at own expense).
North Island (from October to April): Tourists will go fishing and enjoy the beach at Bai Ong Lang.
Note: The fishing and coral diving activities are subject to actual conditions at the time of the tour.

In the afternoon, the group will visit:

Truc Lam Ho Quoc Zen Monastery: the most beautiful and largest monastery on the Pearl Island, with a pristine and tranquil scenery that creates a unique and serene natural painting.
Phu Quoc Swiftlet Cluster: immerse in the green space, listen to the introduction of the product processing process, and shop for nutritious swiftlet nest specialties.
Phu Quoc Prison: this place is a testament to the heroic struggle and indomitable spirit of our people in the fight against foreign invaders.
Find tranquility on the journey "Following the Sun" in Hoang Hon Town - designed with unique architecture and the vibrant colors of an ancient European town:

Stroll along the town's streets, check-in at the "1001" step-style, and admire the sparkling Roman Square under the morning light.
Get immersed in art at the 75m Clock Tower, inspired by St. Mark's Campanile in Italy.
Marvel at the Khai Hoan Gate, illuminated by the evening light.
Admire the Kiss Bridge: a bridge floating like a silk ribbon amidst the azure coast, with two arches reaching out to embrace the white sandy shore, converging into a unified form but not touching each other. Witness the magnificent sunset slowly descending on the horizon of the deep blue ocean, full of romance.
After having dinner at the restaurant, guests are free to explore Phu Quoc's night market.

Overnight stay in Phu Quoc.

Have breakfast at the hotel. We suggest the following options (1 out of 4), where guests will arrange their own transportation to the attractions:

- Option 1:
Experience the return journey to nature at Vinpearl Safari - the only wild nature paradise in Phu Quoc, covering an area of 180 hectares with over 130 rare animal species. Guests can enjoy various animal shows, take photos with the animals, and explore the open zoo in the natural forest, which is close and friendly to humans.
Visit VinWonders, the largest theme park in Vietnam and one of the top attractions in Asia. Guests can discover 12 civilizations from ancient times, experience the excitement of one of the largest water parks in Southeast Asia, and be captivated by three new and exciting games: Warrior Village, Dreadful Volcano, and Cursed Dragon or visit the mysterious and vibrant Palace of the Sea King.
Be amazed by the mystical underwater world with an infinity view through the giant 8x25m acrylic panel inside the Palace of the Sea King, the largest turtle-shaped aquarium in the world.

- Option 2:
Experience the underwater walking activity to explore the coral park. Walk on the smooth white sand and on both sides are coral reefs swaying along the current, revealing a magnificent scene with the colorful beauty of over 200 coral species and dozens of unique marine creatures. No swimming skills are required for participation.

- Option 3:
Visit Versailles Mud Bath and Spa, the first mud bath paradise in Phu Quoc. Enjoy a pure mud bath treatment while admiring the seascape and listening to the melodious sound of the waves, which helps guests have smooth and rejuvenated skin and effectively restore energy.

- Option 4:
Guests are free to relax at the hotel or enjoy the beach, exploring Phu Quoc. Guests will have lunch on their own.

In the afternoon, the vehicle will take guests to explore the highlights of the "sleepless city" Grand World, such as:
- Contemporary Art Park: a unique blend of contemporary art and the natural beauty of the Pearl Island.
- Legend of Bamboo: the largest bamboo structure in Vietnam.
- Stroll along the "Venice canal" and admire the Gondola boats, colorful shophouse streets, magnificent castle gates, and crescent-shaped arch bridges with European architecture.
- "Venice Colors" Love Lake takes guests on a romantic love story told perfectly on the water surface, using the most advanced 3D Mapping technology in the world.
Overnight stay in Phu Quoc.

(In the case of a flight departing after 1 PM - PSTravel will arrange lunch for guests)
Guests will have breakfast, check out of the hotel, and the vehicle will take guests to visit and shop for famous specialties at Hong Duc 1 fish sauce factory, Duc Thanh specialties, and the pearl farm in Phu Quoc, where authentic pearl jewelry cultivated in Phu Quoc is displayed.
The vehicle will then take the group to Phu Quoc Airport. Upon arrival at Noi Bai Airport, the tour guide will welcome the group back to the initial meeting point.

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Phu Quoc – Pearl Island Paradise – Sunset Town – Fishing Challenge