Nha Trang – Da Lat 4-day Tour

4 Days


Join us for a four-day tour of Nha Trang and Dalat, two of the most beautiful and charming destinations in Vietnam. You will experience the stunning scenery of Nha Trang Bay, the fun and excitement of Vinpearl Land, or the soothing and rejuvenating mineral mud bath. You will also discover the cultural and historical attractions of Long Son Pagoda and Yen House, as well as the natural wonders of Datanla Falls and Linh An Pagoda. And don’t forget the adorable puppies and fresh vegetables at Puppy Farm, where you can enjoy a relaxing and playful time. This tour will give you unforgettable memories and a taste of the diverse and rich beauty of Vietnam.


  • Visit four islands in Nha Trang Bay and enjoy water activities and coral viewing.
  • Choose between Vinpearl Land amusement park or the mineral mud bath resort for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Explore Long Son Pagoda, Yen House, and Dalat City of thousand flowers.
  • Play with puppies and pick fresh vegetables at Puppy Farm.
  • Admire the natural beauty of Datanla Falls and Linh An Pagoda.


Morning 07h00 Guests have buffet at the hotel.
08h00 Departure to Cau Da Port area on wooden boat to enjoy the scenery of Nha Trang Bay, admire Hon Tre, Hon Mieu. The boat arrives at Bai Tranh, guests use the service of Glass Bottom Boat or Thung Boat to admire the beautiful coral here (self-sufficient cost). Or guests can participate in water games such as: water motorbike, parachute, banana float, scuba diving … (self-sufficient cost).
11h30 The delegation has lunch on Con Se Tre island, then free to play and rest on the beach.
Afternoon Guests choose one of the following two programs:
+ OPTION 1: 13h00 Departure to visit and play at Vinpearl Land: (self-sufficient cost) To Hon Ngoc Viet - Vinpearl Land. Here you will enjoy the games with different levels of gentle and smooth like Horse Riding, Strange Feeling at 4D Movie Theater, Strong, Startled Shouting at Super Speed Roller Coaster or being Fly into space like The Inverted Hammer, watch animal circus, lively activities and participate in the longest mountain slide game in Southeast Asia and many other interesting games as well as artificial beach bathing with white sand and water park.
19h00 Guests go to the Water Music Stage to watch the unique water music show in Vietnam at Vinpearl Land. Guests are free to explore the cuisine of Nha Trang beach city.
+ OPTION 2: Guests move to Mineral Mud Bath Resort (self-sufficient cost). Here guests are: Visit the whole resort with very unique and luxurious design styles. Soak in a hot mineral water pool. Use the system of on-line hydrotherapy. Relax at the hot mineral waterfall for mud bathing guests. Exercise and play in a hot mineral pool, waterfall. Body massage with hydraulic system Jacuzzi in swimming pool.
18h00 Guests go for dinner, then free to explore the city by night. (Guests going to Vinpearland will be returned dinner's fee).

Morning 07h00: Guests check out, then have breakfast at the restaurant.
08h00 The delegation continues to visit Long Son Pagoda - a famous pagoda with a statue of Kim Than Buddha Tzu, recognized by Guinness Vietnam as “The largest outdoor Buddha statue in Vietnam”.
09h00 The delegation visited Yen House where they exploited bird’s nest right in the center of Nha Trang city, where guests could see for themselves, enjoy free bird’s nest tea and listen to introductions and learn about this precious animal.
09h30 Departure to Da Lat city of thousand flowers.
11h30 Guests have lunch at the restaurant. Then guests go back to hotel for check-in and rest.
15h30 Departure to visit Que Garden - this is a new tourist attraction in Da Lat with a strong attraction by its simple and peaceful beauty here, in the journeys to enjoy outdoor scenery in the city of thousand flowers full of vitality.
Evening: After that guests go back to hotel for check-in and rest. Guests are free to explore the highland city at night or Guests can enjoy dishes: Thach Thao Butter Ice Cream on Nguyen Van Troi Street, Tung Cafe listen to Trinh music with warm atmosphere next to Hoa Binh Theater, Che He - 59 duong 3/2, Rice Paper Grilled - 112 Nguyen Van Troi… Or stroll around Am Phu Night Market to enjoy dishes that have long been famous for foggy land: Rice Paper Grilled, soy milk, baked sweet potatoes, skewers,…

Morning 06h30 Guests have buffet at hotel
08h00 The delegation visited Puppy Farm farm with about 100 puppies, from Alaska, Pug, Corgi round butt or Puddle are all present for guests to freely play. Besides, guests also visit high-tech tomato strawberry garden, enjoy fresh air with clean vegetables standard home grown. And the hills full of flowers are very poetic.
10h30 Visit jam production facility and dried products for free, here guests can enjoy, besides guests can buy as gifts for friends and relatives.
11h30 Guests have lunch at restaurant, go back to hotel for rest.
15h30 Car and HDV take delegation to Datanla Falls, falls with characteristic beauty of mountain forest waterfall, but not too wild. With a stable amount of water from upstream all year round flowing gently through many rocky steps with a slope of only 20m, Datanla Falls makes visitors love it because it is not too noisy or too steep.
17h00 Guests have buffet vegetables at restaurant. After that guests go back to hotel for rest or free walk around Da Lat night market, enjoy grilled specialties and soy milk, black sesame and Che He,…

07h00 Guests check out hotel, have buffet breakfast at hotel.
09h00 Guests visit Linh An Pagoda located in “wild mountain together” but still exudes modern beauty but still friendly with nature. Coming to Linh An Tu everyone can not help but praise with great works among them must mention The Largest Quan Am Buddha Statue in Vietnam.
11h45 The delegation has lunch at restaurant. Here guests listen to the story about “Four famous teas”. In addition guests can enjoy tea, coffee for free at lobby of restaurant.
18h00 Guests return to Ho Chi Minh City.
End of tour!


  • Personal telephone expenses and meals outside the program.
  • 10% VAT tax.
  • Additional surcharges.
  • Personal entertainment and dining expenses outside the program.
  • Cultural exchange with ethnic gong performers.
  • Tips for drivers and tour guides if they provide excellent service to the group.

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Nha Trang – Da Lat 4-day Tour