Hoi An Eco Farm Tour


Join us for a Jack Tran tour, where you can experience the authentic fishing and farming culture of Hoi An. You will cycle to a herb garden village, join the farmers in gardening activities, cook and eat with a local family, fish with traditional nets and basket boats, explore the water coconut palm forest and meet a former V.C guerrilla. You will also enjoy a sunset river cruise and a traditional snack on board. This is a fun and informative tour for all ages.


  • Cycle to a herb garden village and join the farmers in gardening activities
  • Cook and eat with a local family in a traditional house
  • Fish with traditional nets and basket boats on the river
  • Explore the water coconut palm forest and meet a former V.C guerrilla
  • Enjoy a sunset river cruise and a traditional snack on board


Day 1 :

The tour guide meets you at your hotel and introduces you to the tour program
+ Starting biking to the countryside, taking pictures of beautiful countryside views before getting arrived at Tra Que herb garden veggie village
+ Visiting around the village garden, meeting local farmers, listening to the tour guide explained why it is
called “Organic farm” and how it is consumed around Hoi An and by local people.
+ Joining into farming activities like hoeing the soil, using seaweed, transplanting and watering vegetables, etc.
+ Keeping biking to the rice paddy field throughout the shrimp farm, on the ways, taking pictures of duck farms, shrimps farms, cows, birds, bamboo….
+ Arriving at Mr. Nhi's house, the local farmer at block 3 - Cam Thanh Ecological Village, talking and sharing about the daily life of Mr. Nhi's family about his daily life before joining how to grow wet rice with his family.
+ Starting farming work like plowing and raking with buffalo, riding water buffalo, learning how to transplant rice, flooding farm, grinding rice, pounding rice, and coking rice into a meal ….
+ Having lunch with Mr. Nhi's family. After lunch, take a rest and enjoy your therapist's foot massage at his family……
+ Picking up at Mr. Nhi's house and transferring down to a local fishing village by mini-van.
+ Joining to go fishing with local fishermen at Phuoc Hai local fishing boat to experience local cast net CHAI.
+ Arriving water coconut palm jungle, enjoying the basket boat demonstration performed by Jack Tran, and visiting the water coconut palm forest
+ Meeting local former V.C guerrilla telling about his/her memory of the history of the U.S/VIETNAM WAR from the period 1968 to 1972 between V.C soldiers and U.S Armies.
+ Returning the boat and arriving at the end of the world Beach area, learning more about the local people and how they are living and fishing.
+ Enjoying your Vietnamese traditional snacks on board with the coldest beers or drinks while seeing The Sun setting down behind Phuoc Hai fishing village where fishermen go back to the ocean for fishing…

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Hoi An Eco Farm Tour